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Get your business noticed with NB Digital – increase your sales with less advertising spend.

Use digital marketing and advertising services from leading experts in the field.

NB Digital was founded by NEXT BASKET and our clients include NEXT BASKET Partners, online and physical stores in need of professional marketing services.

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Why NB Digital?

Focus on the business and leave the marketing to us.

NB Digital offers a full range of digital marketing services for your online store, based on high professionalism, quality and visible results.


Everything about internet advertising for your business in one place

We take care of promoting your business website, online or physical store by implementing the right online marketing strategies.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive approach, creating the right mix of online advertising for your business to ensure the effectiveness of your investment.

We’re guided by current marketing trends and use the right tools based on a marketing strategy that’s individual to your business.


Leading digital marketing experts for e-commerce

Quality services from the best digital marketing experts.

Your advertising is in safe hands because NB Digital brings together a team of experienced marketers, copywriters, SEO and advertising specialists whose work guarantees excellent results.
Trust our services if you need:

  • Marketing consulting and creating an internet marketing plan;
  • Create and manage social media advertising;
  • Remarketing campaigns to get better results for your business.


Earn more with lower marketing costs

We achieve a higher return on investment.

We offer you a wide range of services, implement workable practices and use the right marketing tools to ensure an excellent return on your investment.

We don’t just advertise your business, we create the right mix of marketing tools to maximize your effectiveness.

The comprehensive nature of our internet marketing and advertising services allows you to focus on managing the other aspects of your business.

Activities such as strategic social media marketing, remarketing campaigns, SEO, promotions and all working forms of digital marketing are our concern.


We know what works and what doesn’t

Our experience in digital marketing helps us make the best decisions for your success.

The long-standing expertise of the team behind NB Digital is a guarantee that:

  • We know the specifics of a wide range of markets and industries and can be of service to you by applying the right local and international marketing strategies.
  • We know what is the best marketing solution for your business and its optimal growth.


Our approach is individual

Your business is special, not just one of many.

We offer the most individual service.

Regardless of the level of investment, each business needs an individual approach that takes into account its specifics and applies workable solutions.


We apply a UX approach in every service

Everything we do is user-friendly and easy to understand.

We always work from a positive user experience because we know that your audience is the driving force behind your success.


Your brand will be recognizable

Consumers will trust your brand.

We will take care of presenting your product or service in a unique and impactful way to build consumer engagement and trust in the long run.


You get real deadlines and price quotes

Everything is open and honest.

We stand by our role as a trusted partner to every business – no matter how big or small, or what products or services they offer.

That’s why we will offer you solutions tailored to your stage of business development and with measurable results.

Prices and packages

Packages for paid promotion (PPC)

Services in package


800 BGN.

Services in package


2 500 BGN.

Services in package


3 500 BGN.

Services in package



5 200 BGN.

Services in package


7 700 BGN.

Services in package


9 200 BGN.

Popularity Packs

Services in pack


500 BGN.

Services in pack


1 100 BGN.

Services in pack


1 800 BGN.

Services in pack



3 000 BGN.

Services in pack


4 000 BGN.

Services in pack


5 000 BGN.

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What digital marketing services do we offer?

Digital marketing provides opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach their consumers and communicate directly with them.

Proper management of these communication channels is the key to achieving sustainable growth.

At NB Digital we can offer you the full mix of online and physical store marketing services.

Social media advertising and account management

Grow a successful business with the power of social networks!

NB Digital offers you the creation of business profiles, as well as the management and maintenance of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more.

Search Engine Marketing – Google and Bing Advertising

Take advantage of advertising opportunities on Google and Bing – the largest search engines on the internet.

Display and Programmatic Advertising

At NB Digital, we actively and maximally leverage the capabilities of programmatic and display advertising for products and services.

Criteo remarketing

We develop and implement Criteo remarketing strategies to successfully bring users back to your website or e-store, achieving cost-effective conversion rates.

SEO services

We offer a full range of SEO services to achieve sustainable results – SEO content strategies, auditing, keyword analysis, link building, blog posts and PR.

Copywriting services for content creation

Professional copywriting services to create content for your website, engaging social media posts, content for videos, banner ads and other promotional materials.

Create and manage a content marketing strategy.

Other marketing and advertising services

Take advantage of more services for marketing and advertising your business, such as ad auditing, email marketing, creating sales campaigns and promotions, designing different looks (to posts, banners, brochures) and more.

Social Media Management

Professional management of business pages on one or several social networks.

Strategies and Audits

Strategies for digital, content, and email marketing, and we audit your SEO and advertising campaigns.

Analyses and Reports

Marketing analyses and reports for the best performance of your business in digital channels.

Content Creation

Attractive business and advertising content that presents your business in its best light.

Email Marketing

Comprehensive professional management of email marketing campaigns for your business.

Graphic Web Design

Designs for websites, online and physical stores to ensure their professional appearance.

Media Advertising

Assistance in planning and implementing media advertising for your business across all channels.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic ads in Google’s display network for effective remarketing among your users.

Video Content

Videography for ads, products, social media videos, and other content tailored to your business needs.

Viber Advertising

Planning and execution of Viber advertising for your business using all available methods.

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Our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

The specific parameters of each offer are determined by the mix of services you will use, the duration and intensity of their provision, as well as other factors. For specific prices, please contact our team.

Yes, for all services in the field of digital marketing and advertising provided by NB Digital to our Partner, we sign a contract

Every modern business that wants to succeed and achieve better results in its operations is well advised to invest in these types of services—whether it sells in Bulgaria or beyond. The profit from digital marketing is as significant as the expertise of the professionals you choose to work with.

Sales are just one, but not the only, of the major goals that a professionally executed digital marketing strategy achieves.

It solidifies the brand name, establishes a lasting business-client relationship, attracts new potential customers who were previously unfamiliar with your business, and many other benefits.

As part of the overall marketing mix, digital marketing plays a key role in transforming you from just a business into a brand with wide influence.

Social networks offer two-way communication, which is increasingly preferred by users.

On the other hand, these are one of the two places that your new customers will visit to research you.

Presence on these channels allows you to ‘manage’ the opinion of your brand through active communication with users.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have millions of active users every day.

In addition to the right content strategy and professional support, you have the chance to use social media quickly and easily without significant advertising costs.

No, your business should be where its target audience is. Each of the major social platforms attracts audiences with different interests and demographic characteristics.

Professional digital marketing agencies, such as NB DIGITAL, will guide you towards the social network or networks that have the greatest potential in relation to the nature of your business.

The latest studies show that consumers have more than 100 touchpoints with a brand before making their first purchase.

Remarketing is an effective way to remind those who have already visited your website/e-shop about your brand, products, and services but may not have made a purchase.

With this marketing tool, you increase your chances of re-engaging consumers who have shown interest in your business but, for some reason, did not proceed with a purchase.

Having established its name as the largest search engine globally, Google is the place where advertising definitely pays off.

Reasons for this include:

  • Users use Google to research companies, products, and services.
  • Unlike other channels, users in Google Search are certainly showing interest in specific products/services at the moment, which is one of the steps preceding the decision to purchase.
  • Google provides accessible advertising opportunities and result analysis through its own tools (Google Ads, Google Analytics, and others).
  • Advertising in Google Search is a reliable way to generate significant traffic to your website.
  • Advertising in Google Search is paid per click on the ad.
  • Visually, ads in Google Search closely resemble organic results, but in most cases, they are positioned above them.

The prices for digital marketing are determined based on the type and volume of services you require and would benefit from.

The prices and conditions are available for each of the primary services offered by NB DIGITAL, and you can familiarize yourself with them in advance.

In case of a need for personalized services you can always сontact us, for an individual quote.

NB DIGITAL is an agency specialized in providing a full range of marketing and advertising services:

  • SEO
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Advertising Management
  • Professional Social Media Presence Maintenance – SMM
  • Content Strategy Development and Content Creation – Content Marketing
  • Management of Advertising Campaigns in Google Ads – Display, Search, YouTube, Shopping Ads
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • Initial Setup of Profiles, Catalogs, Accounts
  • Premium Advertising
  • Marketing and Advertising Audits
  • Email Marketing
  • Trade Promotions and Campaigns
  • Website, Store, Logo, Banner, Video, and other Design.

Yes, for all services in the field of digital marketing and advertising provided by NB Digital to our partner, we sign a contract.

A properly structured email marketing strategy is a highly effective tool for any business.

Yes, the modern consumer uses the internet to quickly and easily gather information on various topics, so having a blog is a key element for your website.

On one hand, it serves as a source of added value for users, and on the other hand, it contributes to better ranking of the website/e-commerce store in search results for relevant keywords.

No, NB DIGITAL’s services are provided entirely online, so the physical location of your business is not relevant.

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