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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the process of search engine optimization aims to rank your website or its individual pages on the first page of organic search engine results.

SEO uses a set of tools, including keyword and phrase optimization, as well as improving individual technical parameters of your site.

The NB Digital team is your trusted SEO expert – we offer a full range of SEO services for your online store and/or business website.

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We improve your visibility in search engines

NB Digital‘s SEO experts know in detail the workings of the various search engines, their algorithms and their requirements for website content.

We can handle your website optimization processes, applying the right mix of on and off page optimization along with a content marketing SEO strategy to get it to the top of search.

More sales without advertising budget

Successful SEO for an online store or website seeks to increase organic (i.e. naturally occurring) traffic.

In this way, the website achieves better online positioning, increased traffic to the site, and higher conversion rates and/or sales without additional advertising budget.

At NB Digital, we know how to do that and we’ll do it for you.

You just need to request this service to our team, and we will do the necessary SEO consulting and get on with the task.

Full SEO site audit

Conducting a full SEO audit is the first and most important step in the process of optimizing a website for search engines.

SEO audit is a kind of check of a complex of factors, the goal is to make sure that your website / e-shop meets all SEO requirements to rank successfully.

This includes:

Ongoing site ranking check;

Researching keywords for a website and determining relevant semantics to the specific niche and audience;

Check for technical optimization of the site and others.

SEO Audit Services from NB Digital

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Technical website analysis

Another key point in the SEO process of a website is the technical analysis, which involves checking a set of technical aspects and metrics, such as:

Site architecture, establishing signals, criteria for its optimization;

Crawling and indexing of the website/e-shop by search engine bots;

Site speed and mobile compatibility;

Check URLs, external and internal links, fix broken URLs and more.

NB Digital will perform all technical checks and offer you specific tasks to meet the technical requirements to better rank your site.

Technical Site Analysis from NB Digital

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Keyword research and content analysis

Every business is positioned in a specific niche market, hence it would be interesting for a specific consumer segment.

At NB Digital, we’ll do keyword research for your niche, and we’ll also audit the content available at that time and do a competitive analysis.

In this way we will also identify the critical points in the content of his pages, his business blog and product descriptions.

Keyword Research by NB Digital

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SEO content strategy

NB Digital will also develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy tailored to your niche and audience.

SEO content marketing strategy outlines the plan by which the content of your website should be created:

Adherence to specific topics for publishing articles

Presence of certain keywords in text

Publishing SEO articles on the blog, etc.

Good SEO is based on quality content that is unique and interesting for the user, and therefore for search engines, which will identify the site as useful.

SEO Content Marketing Strategy from NB Digital

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Link building strategy

NB Digital will also prepare a personalized link building strategy for publishing articles on external sites – an integral part of your website and/or e-shop SEO.

Taking into account all the analyses done, including keywords, niche market, audience, competition, etc., we will be able to offer you a comprehensive SEO support and link building service.

Link Building Strategy from NB Digital

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Continuous monitoring and adaptation to search engine dynamics


SEO is a dynamic process and in order to generate the best results for your website and/or e-store, our experts constantly monitor performance.


NB Digital‘s experts are on hand to adapt your SEO strategy to the changing demands of search engines for good rankings.

SEO optimization for your website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every modern website and/or e-store needs SEO as the internet is an extremely competitive environment where every business is fighting for consumer attention.

The cost of SEO for a website is determined by a number of factors such as niche market, size of the site (e-store), current status and more.

To get a specific quote for SEO, contact our team.

Local SEO is the set of actions that SEO experts take to make your website and/or its individual pages rank within a specific geolocation.

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