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For the development of any successful business, it is necessary to carry out quality checks, various assessments and controls to ensure that the various activities in the company are running properly.

In marketing, the control process is called a marketing audit and involves a complete analysis of information about the company’s overall marketing strategy.

An audit should review the concepts of advertising and campaign design, with the aim of assessing the potential and effectiveness of the marketing plan.


Audits are key to proper goal setting and pricing policy in an enterprise’s marketing budget as well as maximizing sales.


At NB Digital, we know that quality marketing requires quality control.


That’s why we offer to perform a professional marketing audit of your business, which will give you important information about the implementation of your marketing plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of marketing audits depends on the company’s specific planning and objectives.

It is usually recommended to be carried out at least once a year or when there are significant changes in the external environment or business strategy.

The marketing audit provides a clear assessment of the company’s marketing strategy and activities.

This allows identifying weaknesses and focusing efforts on improving results.

In turn, this is a way to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts and better company performance in a competitive environment.

To get the most out of your marketing audit, it’s important to pay attention to the recommendations you receive after the analysis.

Create and follow a work plan that incorporates the suggestions for improvement made by the experts, and provide regular monitoring and review of results to ensure you are moving in the right direction and pursuing achievable goals.

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