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Viber advertising for your business with NB Digital

Most people use Vibes as a communication network and as a place where they can exchange messages and photos with their loved ones directly through their phone.


Viber is an excellent opportunity for your business to reach a multitude of potential buyers for your products and services – the platform allows for a variety of customizations with a set of advertising tools.


NB Digital is here to develop an effective advertising strategy on Viber, reaching millions of active users who use the application every day.


Send precise advertising messages through various formats for Viber advertising!

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Frequently asked questions

Viber is a well-known application for quick and easy communication between users via chats. In it, people connect by sending a message with a sticker, photo or video.

Yes, because Viber offers a very effective way to send different types of marketing and advertising messages.

When your marketing strategy for this type of communication is implemented by digital marketing experts like NB Digital, the results will be there.

To get a specific price for advertising on Viber, contact the NB Digital team.

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