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Social Media Advertising by NB Digital

It is important for every business and brand to connect with their audience in the most effective way.

Social networks are part of almost everyone’s daily life, providing an opportunity for two-way communication increasingly valued by customers.

NB Digital is available to create comprehensive social media advertising campaigns – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn.

We’ll help your business successfully reach its target audience with the right messages, visions and ad formats.

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Appropriate advertising vision across all social channels from NB Digital

Each social network has its own specifics. Using the right formats is one of the key factors for effective social media advertising.

Each of the formats should follow the core brand identity of the business across all social channels – thus building a strong and recognisable online presence.

NB Digital will create recognizable advertising visuals for all channels used by your business, tailored to individual business goals, consumer , that allow consumers to connect with the brand at a glance.

With NB Digital you have the opportunity to build a brand that is successfully positioned online on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Advertising on Facebook

The largest social network in the world – Facebook, gives you the opportunity to present your business in its best light because:

There are nearly 2 billion daily active users.

Over 50% of all consumers who use Facebook are likely to buy the products and services of a brand they can interact with on the social network.

Facebook’s algorithm is constantly improving to offer your customers the opportunity to communicate and build an active community around your business profile.

Ads on the largest social platform can help your brand build a strong relationship that results in more conversions and business profits.

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Advertising on Instagram

Instagram advertising is an increasingly key part of companies’ marketing mix. Social advertising opportunities are through static and video formats (Stories, IGTV, Reels, Live videos).

Instagram has 500 million daily active users and counting;

Images posted on Instagram receive 23% more engagement than those posted on Facebook.

NB Digital will help you create relevant content, including visuals, videos and text, to reach your potential customers and sell more.

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TikTok advertising

TikTok has succeeded in taking the world by storm, establishing the short-form video content format as particularly engaging to the user.

TikTok, with its 1 billion monthly active users, ranks among the most popular social platforms today;

TikTok is one of the most effective tools for achieving your business goals and we know how to make the platform work for you.

The social web has everything the audience is interested in, and why not position your brand here with our help?

NB Digital will assist you in generating content for organic account development or direct advertising, for markets where this is permitted.

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YouTube advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and the largest video sharing platform.

YouTube has 2.5 billion users worldwide.

YouTube is among the most used social media worldwide.

Implementing an advertising campaign provides an opportunity to introduce consumers to all the benefits of your products in an engaging way.

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LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn is the largest professional network, Often used by HR professionals, it provides much greater opportunities for businesses by allowing you to reach out directly to the consumers you are interested in, based on their current positions, companies, economic sectors.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world;

The platform has 930 million registered users worldwide, 1.2 million of them from Bulgaria.

On LinkedIn, your brand can share knowledge and expertise, and your advertising can reach the right consumers in corporations and individual experts.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing on social networks ranks among the successful channels for promoting a business, advertising its products and/or services.

Choosing the right ambassadors for your brand is essential to whether a campaign will be successful.

Don’t know how to do it – choose NB Digital’s services to implement an influencer marketing campaign for your business.

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Text, vision, message, budget and profits

These are just some of the factors that are taken into consideration when creating an advertising campaign. We’ll take them all into consideration to take your business to the next level.


We’ll create engaging and attractive text messages to get you noticed;


We will create professional looks that correspond with your brand identity;


We’ll choose the right advertising channels for the budget available to ensure effective campaign results;


We’ll increase your company’s profits because we know how, where and why to promote your brand right there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media advertising is a set of techniques and tools (text, vision, video, images, etc.) that aim to reach more potential customers.

An advertising campaign of this type can have different objectives.

Yes, it is now mandatory for all businesses, regardless of the type of products or services they offer, to have a social media presence. You can achieve various business goals through advertising on social platforms. Should I advertise my business on one or more social networks?

This depends on the type of business, the products/services it offers, the group of its target audience, etc.

NB Digital’s experts can determine which social network(s) would be most relevant for advertising your business.

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