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Outdoor advertising for your business from NB Digital

Want to promote your brand, a specific product or service to a wider audience and at an affordable price?

NB Digital offers you assistance in planning and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns with some of the best tools in outdoor advertising.

While our focus is on digital channels, we have teams of offline media specialists who will offer you the most effective solutions for your outdoor advertising.

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Why outdoor advertising for your business?

Outdoor advertising is a type of channel for advertising products, services or brand, which is distinguished by a relatively affordable price and good effectiveness.

With various forms of outdoor advertising, you realize greater visibility for your products, services and brand by presenting them to a large audience.

You can take advantage of the possibilities of outdoor advertising both for the purpose of implementing advertising campaigns at the local level and for the purpose of strengthening the brand image.

How can NB Digital help you with your outdoor advertising?

NB Digital‘s specialists can assist you at all stages of your outdoor advertising campaign:

  • Choice of positions – we work with almost all suppliers of advertising positions, so we can offer you a wide choice;
  • Media planning – we will choose the most appropriate positions and formats for your campaign.
  • Design for all formats
    • Billboard advertising
    • Folia
    • Advertising signs
    • Vinyls for placement on buildings, facilities, etc.
    • Advertisements at public transport stops and other locations according to the specifics of the business and the products/services being advertised.

Ask about outdoor advertising for your business from NB Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the brand, the type of products or services being advertised, and other factors that should be taken into consideration.

Consult our experts in case you don’t know if and how outdoor advertising would benefit your business.

No, outdoor advertising is one of the relatively affordable channels that also offers you a wide brand visibility.

This depends on a number of factors that need to be considered at the outdoor advertising planning stage.

If you’re having trouble, contact the NB Digital team and we’ll advise you.

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