Criteo Remarketing with NB Digital

Criteo is one of the leading digital marketing companies providing access to remarketing tools and customized advertising solutions.

Partnered with some of the largest display networks such as Google, Facebook and many others, the platform is a leader in its field.


Criteo Dynamic Retargeting is one of the company’s key products.

The tool uses data about users’ behaviour collected from their previous visits to the website or interactions with ads – thus personalising advertising messages and presenting them in the best way.


Criteo uses innovative technology and intelligent algorithms to enable businesses to get a return on their marketing investment.

Criteo’s algorithms are some of the best optimized when setting sales goals.


At NB Digital, we offer professional Criteo remarketing solutions that will turn users who visit your website into loyal customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic remarketing is a marketing strategy that uses personalized ads based on past consumer behavior.

Using technologies like Criteo, you can create ads that match your users’ interests and preferences, engage their attention and encourage them to interact with your business.

Dynamic remarketing campaigns can run across multiple channels and devices.

Ads appear across the internet, including on websites, social networks and mobile apps.

Dynamic retargeting uses data about users’ past behaviour to personalise the ad messages they see.

Criteo uses technology to automatically generate ads that are specifically targeted to the preferences and interests of individual users.

This creates a sense of individual approach and increases user engagement.

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