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Working with Google Search Console – expert services from the NB Digital team

Google Search Console is a powerful tool, well known and widely used for SEO by web developers, SEO and marketing professionals.

NB Digital‘s experts use its capabilities to offer the right SEO solutions for your business website or online store.

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Identifying and fixing technical problems and errors on the site

Any errors from your site are visible in Google’s platform and we are committed to fixing them to remove any obstacles to good SEO ranking.

Analysis of the number of clicks and impressions

With Google Search Console, we also track real-time data on the number of impressions and clicks to your website and its pages.

Disavow malicious links to the site

NB Digital experts will block all attempts to access your site that come from potentially dangerous and malicious links and other sources.

Request expert Google Search Console services from NB Digital.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Search Console is a Google tool that provides access to information about the performance of a website / e-shop in search, as well as data on what can be improved in this regard.

Yes, you can use Google Search Console’s capabilities, but if you can’t read and analyze the data provided by the software, there’s no point in using it.

Because we have a team of leading SEO, marketing and advertising experts who know the software’s capabilities in detail and have experience working with it.

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