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LinkedIn Advertising with NB Digital

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest social channels.

The huge number of professionals searching for specialized products or services on the platform makes the effectiveness of LinkedIn ads extremely high.


LinkedIn’s potential is often overlooked, which is why at NB Digital we are ready to offer you effective management of your LinkedIn advertising, and the results will convince you of the power of the network.


NB Digital offers you the services to create professional advertising campaigns that will not only attract, but also retain the attention of users.

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Advertise on LinkedIn with NB Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising on LinkedIn is an ideal opportunity to target a professional audience and reach business-oriented leads.

The platform offers access to a variety of ad formats, including text ads, sponsored content and more.

Advertising on LinkedIn allows you to reach targeted consumers by targeting specific professional industries, job titles and interests. All you need to do is define what’s important to your business and share it with us.

The cost of advertising on LinkedIn varies depending on the chosen format, the scope of the campaign and the competition in the market.

LinkedIn advertising costs are calculated on a pay per click or pay per thousand impressions basis, where you only pay for the actual interaction or impressions your company receives.

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