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Marketing Strategies and Audits by NB Digital

NB Digital is your trusted partner in developing effective marketing strategies, conducting audits and offering marketing and advertising services.

Your business needs a strong presence and advertising across marketing channels – NB Digital has a lot to offer you in terms of your marketing strategy.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to successfully position itself on the market, every company needs a well-planned and professionally implemented digital marketing strategy.

NB Digital can assist you in creating one and help your business build long-term relationships with your target customers online.

Your digital channels can be a key enabler for generating great business results.

Digital marketing strategy from NB Digital

Content marketing strategy

NB Digital will also develop a custom marketing plan to effectively position your business through content.

Content marketing is among the strategic marketing approaches that focuses on generating and distributing content that:

  • Attract and retain the attention of consumers of your goods or services;
  • It serves as a tool for better ranking of your website in search engines.
Content Marketing Strategy from NB Digital

Email Marketing Strategy

As part of our marketing strategy services and audits, NB Digital can offer you the preparation of your organisation’s email marketing strategy.

This type of marketing has established itself as a sustainable approach to advertising a product, service or brand.

When an email marketing strategy is prepared by experts in the field, it is guaranteed to bring positive results to the company and its operations.

Email Marketing Strategy from NB Digital

Audit of an advertising campaign

Regardless of how you promote your brand/products/services, the marketing strategy you use is subject to audit.

This check ensures that your strategy adheres to all the goals and objectives to build your business’s competitive advantage.

SEO audit

SEO auditing is another equally important aspect of managing your advertising campaigns and meeting your marketing goals.

A key role in developing a good SEO strategy for your business is conducting an SEO audit – NB Digital can offer you professional assistance in this regard.

SEO audit by NB Digital

What marketing strategies and audits does NB Digital offer?

In terms of the individual characteristics of your business as well as its business development goals, NB Digital can offer you the following marketing strategies and audits:


Strategies for marketing and advertising through different digital channels;


Create and manage content marketing strategies to meet your marketing goals;


Email marketing campaigns with different purposes – periodic information about promotions and campaigns when introducing products and/or services on the market, etc.;


Auditing of advertising campaigns, SEO, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on what products or services you offer, where you do it (online or offline), and what goals you have, we can determine the type of marketing strategy you need.

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, and with the large number of choices available to one retailer or another both online and offline, this is difficult to achieve.

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