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Filming a product video from NB Digital

Keep up with new trends and present your catalog products in an innovative and impactful way with a professional product video.


NB Digital offers you a complete professional product filming service for your online store.


Professionally shoot product videos in a few simple and easy steps with NB Digital.

Filming a product video from NB Digital

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Professional product capture

The filming of advertising product videos is carried out in a professional shooting studio equipped with the necessary equipment.

Lighting and sound

We will select the right lights and sound to achieve the most impactful production.

Post production

We realize professional post-production – processing of the filmed footage, editing, editing and all other finishing works.

Graphics and animation

We will add graphics and animations to the product video if this is necessary to achieve a finished look.

Filming a product video from NB Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price depends on the number of products to be shot, whether models (actors) will be involved, the location of the shoot – outdoors or in a shooting studio, and other factors.

To get a specific price for shooting a product video, contact the NB Digital team.

It depends on the goals you set and, of course, the budget you can allocate.

Nowadays, more and more online stores are relying on product videography as this form of product presentation is well perceived by the customer.

We can provide you with a one-time service or you can take advantage of a subscription video of your product catalogs – a good option when adding new products, updating existing videos and other regular changes.

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