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Marketing analytics and reporting with NB Digital

With NB Digital, you get access to up-to-date data on your business’s marketing performance in the form of structured analytics and reports.

We use modern platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and FanPage Karma, Semrush and others to implement accurate reports and analytics based on specific data.

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We analyse what you achieve and help you achieve more

With NB Digital‘s services you get analysis of many different aspects related to your marketing activities, including:

  • Analysis of the market share and competitive position you hold;
  • Analyzing your sales and consumers;
  • Different methods to measure key metrics for your marketing strategies;
  • Evaluation of marketing, sales and customer relationship strategies.

This way we get a real insight into how your business is performing and what results it is achieving.

This gives us a starting point on how different metrics can be improved – with what tools and approaches to position yourself even better in the market.

We take all factors into account and optimise your strategies based on them to achieve the best possible results.

Google Analytics

With the right use of the accurate statistics that Google Analytics offers, we can make precise analysis and improve your results.

Our goal is for our clients to get the most out of their advertising budgets and offer the best to their consumers.

At NB Digital, we work with accurate data to determine future steps to advertise your business, ensuring effective marketing planning.

Google Analytics reports contain extremely useful information for improving the content and technical performance of your website/e-shop.

The main advantage of the analyses could be their accuracy.

NB Digital offers flexible report generation and data handling services that can help us define future goals and objectives to set in the marketing strategy of the partner we work for.

Working with Google Analytics from NB Digital

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Google Search Console

The Google Search Console provides access to a set of tools that allow us to make changes to your website’s functionality according to Google’s search engine requirements.

The goal of working with Google Search Console is to get valuable insider information to help optimize your site and help it perform well in search engines.

Google Search Console can connect to Google Analytics – this way the process of retrieving the information we need to develop your strategies is streamlined.

Working with Google Search Console by NB Digital

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FanPage Karma

FanPage Karma is a tool that offers a complete solution for managing your business social media profiles, which are an integral part of the marketing mix.

NB Digital‘s experts know the software in detail and can pull analytics and data reports that can be used to effectively plan your performance on one or more social networks.

FanPage Karma by NB Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like any digital marketing agency, NB Digital needs data to study your performance in terms of marketing and advertising, search engine positioning and other important metrics.

Having access to the structure of the reports is important to us as it enables us to make the right decisions regarding future strategies, improving SEO and other important aspects of your advertising.

Data is mainly used to create marketing models for advertising and behaviour in the public space, but not only.

They also provide valuable information about the technical state of the site, its performance in search engines and the marketplace, and other valuable information to consider.

It depends on your skills with the platforms that generate these analytics and reports.

They are complex in themselves and a person without knowledge and experience in working with them would struggle to use them.

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