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Professional social networking support from NB Digital

Today, millions of businesses in a variety of economic sectors have profiles on the largest social networks.

Do you want yours to be part of them? And to reach a broad customer base of potential users of your products or services?

NB Digital offers you professional subscription support services for social media pages.

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Unified brand look across all social channels from NB Digital

With its team of experts, NB Digital offers you comprehensive services for managing your business social media profiles.

Take advantage of our services for:

  • Create a unified brand vision across all social channels
  • Creating visions, texts and sending the right messages to successfully communicate with your potential customers
  • Professionally promote brand products and services to a wide range of consumer audiences.

The NB Digital digital marketing agency will take care of the overall development of your business brand, using the many opportunities provided by social networks.

Facebook page maintenance

NB Digital offers you a professional business page creation service on the world’s largest social network – Facebook.

The service provides subscription support linked to regular publishing of interesting and engaging content to build a strong relationship with customers.

Maintaining social media accounts takes time and effort that you can save by trusting NB Digital.

Support Facebook Page by NB Digital

Instagram Business Profile Support

At NB Digital, we offer Instagram business profile maintenance services to our clients.

With our professional assistance you will get better results in terms of:

  • Higher brand recognition and awareness of the brand and its product range and/or service catalogue among potential customers.
  • Increase sales by implementing a strategy for optimal maintenance of your business profile.
Instagram account support from NB Digital

Create videos for TikTok

If you want your business to be in tune with current trends in the digital world, its presence in TikTok is key.

The platform has managed to establish itself as a particularly popular channel among a wide age group, suggesting that your business has a strong chance of finding its audience there.

Trust the experts at NB Digital to create short but impactful TikTok videos that promote your

TikTok Profile Support from NB Digital

Manage your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the largest business social network in the world, so your presence on it is a prerequisite for:

  • Promoting your business to a specific group of users who can become loyal customers;
  • Establish communication with other businesses and professionals in different fields.

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for recruiting and finding jobs, it’s so much more – trust NB Digital to manage your LinkedIn profile and see what it can do for you.

Manage your LinkedIn profile from NB Digital

Support of other social networks depending on the business

NB Digital can provide you with social media management services across other popular social channels to suit your business needs:

  • SnapChat
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest, etc.

Hesitating which social network to advertise your business products and services on?

Reach out to our social media support experts and they will advise you, taking into account the niche your business is in, your target audience and a host of other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, today social networks are a powerful marketing tool that is worth taking advantage of for every business, no matter what its field of activity and whether it is big or small.

Prices for maintaining business profiles and pages on different social networks vary, as they depend on many parameters and conditions.

To get a specific price for social media support from NB Digital, contact our team.

The answer to this question depends primarily on the type of business you run, the profile of the consumers you sell to, and other factors.

NB Digital can assist you in choosing which social network to be present on, after an analysis of your target groups.

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