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Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Advertising with NB Digital

If you own a business and are developing an online presence, you’ve certainly heard of Google advertising.

Advertising on search engines Google and Bing seems simple at first glance, but alas, this is not exactly the case.

Search campaigns competing with your business are constantly appearing on the web, Google is the largest search engine globally, so getting your ads to show up in search is becoming harder and more expensive.

Properly segmenting and defining ad groups and keywords, as well as creating engaging ads to attract potential customers, are tasks that require expert skills.

Therefore, to ensure the quality of your advertising on the internet, you need to trust a professional in the field to grow your business.

At NB Digital, you’ll get help from professionals who will use their Google advertising skills to present your products or services in the best possible way.

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We open the world of search engines for your business

Whether we’re talking about advertising on Bing or advertising on Google, search engine marketing offers opportunities to achieve greater visibility and build consumer trust.

At NB Digital, we know the power of online advertising and are ready to open up the world of search engines to your business.

Here are some of the steps we will go through together if you trust us:

  • Setting an advertising budget – it’s important to us that your budget delivers results that match your expectations.
  • Create engaging search engine ads relevant to your ad groups.
  • Selecting keywords that will allow your content to be displayed to the right target audience.

Trust us to create Google Ads for your business, and we’ll make sure your brand, products or services are among the top searches on the web.

Advertising on Google

Google is the biggest player in the world of internet searches on the World Wide Web.

If you’re wondering how to reach your ad audiences and drive them to your products or website, target Google’s billions of users.

We’ll develop a clear strategy to help you use Google advertising in the most effective way.

Here are some key elements of the overall strategy we offer for advertising on Google:

Google Ads content – our team of experts will use Google’s paid advertising to get the best results for your goals.

Keyword selection and analysis for your business – we will select and research the right keywords, search volume, competition level, average cost per click, etc.

Setting an advertising budget on a pay-per-click basis – we will create a budget that guarantees a return on your advertising investment.

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Advertising on Bing

Advertising on Bing is a valuable marketing tool that can complement and extend your efforts to attract potential customers.

As the second largest search engine after Google, Bing offers unique opportunities to reach a wider audience on your site.

The advantage of advertising on Bing is less competition compared to the giant Google. This means you can achieve lower cost per click and better search rankings for your website.

If you want great results on a budget, Bing is the perfect platform for you.

We’ll create relevant and compelling ads that will engage your potential customers.

With properly targeted campaigns and optimization, we’ll help you connect with leads you may not have access to through other platforms.

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A common strategy for advertising on the major search engines

NB Digital offers you a personalized approach to your search engine advertising.


Our experts will build a comprehensive campaign that focuses on your specific goals and needs.


We’ll help you choose the right search engine by matching the features of each platform with your target groups and capabilities.


With NB Digital, you’ll also get detailed analytics and reports to help you track the effectiveness of your search engine advertising.


You’ll be able to get a clear picture of key metrics and make informed decisions about your future advertising campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of SEM services varies based on factors such as campaign reach, keyword competitiveness, duration, and more.

This type of marketing often uses a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model – you only pay based on actual clicks on your search engine ads.

It is advisable to trust specialists in the field – they will help you to determine the right approach and budgeting related to SEM of your business.

SEM marketing gives you the opportunity to rank prominently in the results of every relevant search for your business.

This way you will reach potential customers who are looking for your products or services.

By implementing good SEM you can start generating more traffic to your site and increase your sales.

It depends on whether you want to advertise on your own or trust an advertising agency with experience like NB Digital.

In the first case you will need specific knowledge and time to learn how to do it properly, in the second case you only need to make a decision and contact us.

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