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Microsoft’s Bing search engine is the second most popular search engine online after Google, but more and more new users are turning to it, especially after the integration of Chat GPT into it.

At Microsoft Bing you can expect a large number of active users – currently with much less competition than at Google.

Bing users are focused on getting specific results in a search that is purchase-oriented.


These distinguishing characteristics of search engine users make the idea of Bing advertising extremely promising for any business.


At NB Digital, we offer you the development and implementation of professional Bing Ads strategies to help the search engine display search results related to your business in the top positions.


We can create Bing ads that will present your business in the best possible light and get consumers to buy your products and/or services.

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Campaign budget setting

For a successful Bing campaign, you need to set an optimal advertising budget – at NB Digital, we’ll create one that will bring you maximum results for minimum investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising on Bing provides a unique opportunity to reach more specific and niche audiences in a less competitive environment than Google, for example.

Bing advertising offers a variety of targeting options, including by keywords, demographics, geographic location and user interests.

Microsoft’s Bing and Google ads work through different algorithms, which means it’s advisable to create ads tailored to the requirements of each search engine.

Bing reaches a more limited part of the market than Google, but can be useful for targeting specific niches and target groups.

Depending on your business capabilities and goals, you can use both platforms to achieve optimal results.

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