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Programmatic and Display Ads with NB Digital

Programmatic and display ads have been a key part of the marketing lexicon in recent years.

This is no coincidence, as they enable any business owner to reach a specific audience.

Implementing both types of advertising is a complex process that will require a specialist.

NB Digital offers you solutions for professional programmatic and display advertising – we position your brand’s ads, as well as its products/services, at the top of the display space.

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What are programmatic and display ads?

Programmatic (programmatic) advertising

Programmatic advertising is an innovative method of buying advertising space through an automated platform that involves advertisers, media groups and agencies.

Programmatic advertising encompasses display or banner advertising on the display network of various partners offering banner advertising positions across multiple sites, such as Google, as well as video ads.

With the help of specialized technologies and platforms, advertisers set criteria and settings for their ads – target audience, user behavior, geographic location, etc. – which are purchased from the advertiser offering the ad positions, from third parties offering only audience data, or through the use of proprietary data.

The use of programmatic advertising provides greater precision and efficiency in targeting advertising messages to consumers.

Programmatic Advertising by NB Digital

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Display advertising

Display ads are a form of online advertising in which advertising messages are displayed on various websites and platforms in the form of banners, pop-ups and videos.

This form of advertising is distinguished by its visual appeal and the opportunity to present products and services in a more attractive way.

Display ads are used to generate traffic to the website and/or online store, and therefore increase sales and target audiences.

Programmatic and display ads play an important role in modern advertising campaigns and strategies – providing greater precision, targeting and effectiveness in communicating with consumers.

Display Advertising by NB Digital

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How do programmatic and display ads work and what can they achieve?

Programmatic and display ads work in different but complementary ways, which is why they are used together within display advertising campaigns.

How does programmatic advertising work?

Programmatic advertising uses automated systems and algorithms that allow advertisers to purchase ad space and display advertising messages.

The process begins when a user visits a website or uses an app with programmatic advertising turned on.

The system collects information about the user, such as behaviour, interests, geographical location and other parameters.

Then, through an auction system (RTB), advertisers who have set up campaigns compete for the opportunity to display their ads in front of the consumer.

Algorithms analyze the data and determine the most relevant ad for the specific user.

Once selected, the ad is displayed on the website or app used by the user.

How does display advertising work?

Display ads are used to show websites and platforms various formats of advertising messages.

Advertisers create promotional materials, such as banners, videos, pop-ups, etc., which are placed in specific locations on the Internet.

When a user visits a website or app, the ad is loaded and displayed on their screen.

Display ads are usually set to display based on certain criteria – target audience, user interests, location and other factors.

Both forms of advertising use technology, data and algorithms to deliver higher targeting and personalised advertising messages to consumers.

Programmatic advertising in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, programmatic advertising has been known and used for a long time – practically every platform that offers ads already participates in the programmatic market.

In other words, almost every ad impression that isn’t sold directly to the customer is routed to one of the thousands of programmatic ad networks.

Still a significant part of programmatic advertising in Bulgaria is purchased through Google Ads (Google’s display network), with the payment model being CPC (cost-per-click), as in standard Google Ads advertising.

The popularity of CPC advertising is increasing due to its greater measurability and higher effectiveness relative to the budget invested and the growing competition among small and large clients.

In our country, some programmatic impressions are bought through specialised platforms by search/buying parties, which offer increased CPM (cost per mille – cost per thousand views/impressions) and concentrate on specific audiences.

These platforms often use remarketing as a targeting method.

In real time, they discover valuable user profiles and offer higher prices to access them.

The return from these users allows platforms to invest more in given impressions compared to usual ads per click, making programmatic investment a great form of digital advertising.

Programmatic and display strategy from NB Digital

To use quality programmatic and display advertising, you need to work with a specialist in the field who will help you achieve great results.

At NB Digital, we offer you a comprehensive plan for creating campaigns and advertising strategies through programmatic.


With our help, you can create display campaigns that capture the attention of the right audience.


We’ll make sure that the positioning of campaigns managed by us is as effective as possible, and your ROI is guaranteed.


Your business ad will appear in such places in Google’s ad spaces that any user interested in your business niche will come directly to your brand.


Trust us to put you in the Google spotlight with effective programmatic and display ads and strategies.

Create programmatic and display ads with NB Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and displaying ads in real time through the use of technology and targeting data.

Programmatic advertising uses computer systems and algorithms that automate the purchase of ad impressions based on advertisers’ settings and preferences.

Programmatic advertising enables you to achieve precise targeting, greater campaign effectiveness and better management of your advertising budget.

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