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Writing for Social Media by NB Digital


Quality social media marketing content is a prerequisite for good brand recognition and consumer engagement.


NB Digital offers you a service to create different types of content for the social media your business uses to promote your brand, products and services.

Invest in social media copy from NB Digital!

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Invest in social media copy from NB Digital!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a type of copywriting service aimed at creating various types of publications, texts for brand promotion, advertisements and other materials for use in social networks.

The price for the service varies according to the type of social network for which content will be created, the number of texts per month and other parameters.

To get a specific price, contact the NB Digital team.

Social copywriting services can be provided on a one-off (on-demand) or subscription basis.

When you request the service with a subscription and in combination with our social media support and advertising services, you can take advantage of attractive price discounts.

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